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Mantra Series

This series of work is being fueled by a new found love for calligraphy. Inspired by the Calligraffiti  movement, Simon saw 

Meditation with Form

This series of work comes from a vision experienced while in a meditative state. In this vision, there was no sense of physical space, it was a bright infinite void. Then slowly a dimensional form began to appear. It was moving chaotically and the only way to slow it was through breath. Once a deep enough state of meditation was entered, the form began to pause. Showing Simon several variations of itself, yet all of them consisted of the same organism. He felt this experience was showing him how connected all things are. Although we often feel so individual and separate from one another, we are ultimately all connected, and thus we should treat others the way we would treat our own self.   

Meditations with Paint

This series of work is very process focused. Each painting begins with black paint on a white canvas as a way to eliminate any decisions of color to influence how the paintings begin. Prior to any paint touching the canvas, a state of meditation is entered. Through meditation and breath, all thought escapes the mind allowing the freedom to flow. Through this process the composition gets formed. Next the process of reflection begins. Reflecting on what has been created inspires where the painting is going to end up as a finished work. Inspiration of visions experienced through meditation are reflected into the imagery, and through this, the painting is a true product of meditation.

Early Work

Prior to beginning painting in 2014, Simon Teigeiro created digital paintings as a way to reflect on things he was experiencing as he transitioned to a more aware state of mind. Through meditation, a plant based diet, and entheogens Simon began to see things differently. The influence of sacred geometry became ever apparent, and thus fueled the paintings. By creating paintings that consist of geometrical rules that govern our reality, Simon experienced a major shift in daily life. Simon’s intention behind painting was to allow others to have this experience. Sacred geometry is the mathematical reality of our existence, and by simply viewing these patterns our state of being is transcended to a higher vibration. At the very least, his paintings will create a calming experience for the viewer.

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