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Where do you work / Where are you located?

For tattooing Simon is located in Denver, Colorado



For Painting Simon is located in Walkers Point, Milwaukee 

Var West Studios and Gallery

                                                                                        706 S 5th Street,

Milwaukee Wisconsin

How do I book a tattoo with you?

   Simon is only booking appointments for original tattoos with full creative freedom. Artist freedom is a priority when scheduling tattoos. The easiest way to schedule an appointment is to use the "Contact" tab on the top right of this page and submit the required information via the contact form. Simon will use this to get in contact with you.

How long should I wait to hear back on emails or instagram?

   Emails can take up to two months for a response. When reaching out via email, it is important to make sure you provide the right information to make the process as smooth as possible. Things that must be included in an email to receive a response are the following: Where are you inquiring to be tattooed? Are you local or traveling? What is your budget for the tattoo?(refer to pricing for budget) Where on your body are you looking to be tattooed? (attach photos of this area) Please explain your concept / intention for this tattoo. (attach photos of my work that you are interested in) : Emails that do not include this information will not be taken seriously. 

Instagram is a great platform for conversation and basic info, however, not for booking appointments. If you have a question feel free to send a direct message and Simon will do his best to respond. When active with posting on Instagram, direct messages are much more active, meaning messages get lost often. If you do not receive a message please send via email to insure a response. 

What is your process for creative freedom projects?

How do I commission art from you ?

   Simon's process begins with understanding your desired location for the tattoo, including scale and style. Simon is open to pursuing multiple styles when it comes to tattooing, however they must align with his artistic intentions. If your location and style preference match with Simon's interests, then work is designed specifically for your desired location and intentions. Each project requires its own approach, however in general the process begins by using photos of your body to draw on and find the best way to accent the bodies natural movement. Depending on concept, some projects are executed by drawing directly on the body, and others are done using stencils or a combination of both. Simon's main goal with tattooing is to create work that flows with the body and is in harmony with the person who carries the work. Understanding your intention behind receiving the tattoo is one of the most important sparks for the creative process.

   Simon is open to doing commission work in his style and aesthetic in multiple forms. Custom art can be created through many different platforms from digital design work, logos, large and small scale paintings on canvas, large and small scale drawings on paper, murals, custom clothing, and much more. Simon is willing to travel for work, and charges by the project. The easiest way to begin a commission is to use the "Contact" tab on the top right of this page and provide your information. Simon will use this to get in contact with you.

How much do you charge for tattoos?



          Appointments are currently being booked $200 an hour with a 5 hour minimum. 


                               For all appointments a $500 deposit is required 


    Simon only books full day sessions which are between 5-7 hours.

The style of work and intricacy of the design, along with the placement of the tattoo are what determine how long the tattoo will take. Simon takes payment in CASH ONLY and tips are greatly appreciated. 

     Before booking an appointment, a deposit of $500 is required. Deposits can be sent through paypal or venmo. Deposits are used to secure your appointment and will total into the end cost of your tattoo. For rescheduling, you MUST contact Simon and reschedule for a new appointment prior to a minimum of 4 days in order to keep your deposit. Simon does not offer refunds on deposits for cancellations.

What do you recommend for tattoo aftercare?

   Leave absorbent pad on for the first night. 

Remove pad in the morning and wash tattoo in the shower with warm water and Dial gold antibacterial soap or dr. bronners baby soap. You want to make sure you remove the slimey layer (plasma) fully, and completely rinse the soap off the tattoo. Once clean, pat dry with paper towel. Leave the tattoo free of clothing for 10-15 min to dry out then apply a very very thin layer of aquaphor making sure to not apply too much. If it looks wet or feels sticky after applying then take a damp paper towel and wipe off the excess. 

Repeat the same washing and hydrating instructions twice a day for the first 4-5 day of healing. The more you can rest and allow the tattoo to be free of clothing and open to the air the better in the first few days. Do not re-wrap the tattoo after the first night. 

Once peeling begins, begin applying a light amount of grapeseed oil, unscented lotion, or what ever cream or oil you prefer instead of aquaphor and continue the same washing and hydrating steps until fully healed.

Don't pick at the peeling process, let the skin fall off naturally.

Hydrate daily until fully healed.

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